“The Symposium intends to bring scientists and researchers from all branches of Chaos, Complex Systems and its applications in Management.”

The topics including (but not limited to)


Complex Adaptive Leadership and Complex Adaptive Systems

Complexity in Management: Issues and Strategies

Human Organizations, Case studies

Chaos and Leadership Issues in Different Sectors  (Private, Govt, Education, Business etc.).

Economic and Social Systems

Complexity in Business Communication Systems

Mathematical Models of  Financial Systems and Associated Non Linearity

Chaos and Complexity  in Knowledge Management, Supply Chain Management, Strategic Management, Environmental Management

Marketing Managements etc.

Nonlinear Data Analysis Using Statistical Tools

Complexity Leadership in Healthcare, Tourism Structures etc.

Chaos and Creativity

Chaos, Synchronization, Recurrence Analysis,

Chaos and Complexity in World Politics

Nonliterary in Networks

Training of Trainers

Quantum Leadership

Leadership in Chaos

Managerial Coaching as Leadership

Team Management

Building a Team

Performance Management

Conflict Management

Develop Institutional and Individual Image

Management of Emotions

Crisis Management

Change Management

Methods of developing self-confidence

Anger Management

Time Management

Meeting Management

Job Satisfaction and Motivation

Techniques of Persuasion

Project Management

Interview Techniques

Job Ethic


Human as sociologic, biologic and psychological entity: Multidimensional Approach

New Approaches to Management

Organizational Intelligence

Personal development techniques for more effective Organizations

Synchronization of Chaos, Applications in Medicine and Ecology and Biology

Social Networks and Chaotic Nature of Communities

Complex Network Structures in Society

Complex Network Structures in Social Media

Chaotic Movements in Social Media

Risk Analysis

Modeling Uncertainty with Fuzzy Logic

Chaos and Complexity  in Literature and Art